My First Road Bike

I got my first new bike for my Bar Mitzvah in 1966. It was a CCM Mustang. Not sure if it came from United as it was a gift. Highrise handle bars and a banana seat very trendy for those days. In 1969 when I started attending high school I got my first ‘road bike’ a Red CCM 10 speed. I rode that bike through high school and University. When I moved to Kelowna I got involved in Triathlon, My friend Jim Bates owned(still owns) a bike store there, and made fun of my Red CCM 10 speed to the point of taking a felt pen and writing ‘chitty chitty bang bang’ on it. I ended up doing my 1st Ironman in 1985 on a bike from Jim which I still have, but that United converted into a commuter bike for me. The bike is still fantastic, but the motor could use some re-tuning. I loved my CCM from United, and I love my re-modeled one as well.
Happy Anniversary United!!