Baseball – Home Run Type Service

My son Ethan had been playing recreational baseball for a couple years, and really enjoyed it. We did not pay too much attention to his gear. Then a coach saw something in him and asked him to try out for a rep team. So we decided he should get the right gear and went to the baseball shop at United Cycle/Sports.

Not only were we guided to appropriate gear options for his age/size/level of play – he got to try it out! Testing out different gloves and bats at the in-store batting cage.

It gets better. The fellow helping us, Scott, also happened to be an experienced baseball player, and was also a coach. He offered to give Ethan some hitting pointers in the batting cage and Ethan was thrilled. His gear worked out great. He made his first rep team that year. As well, Scott remembered Ethan and invited him to a winter camp that fall.
Ethan continues to play competitive baseball – and continues to get all his gear at USC.

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