United Sport and Cycle has served their customers and community through nine decades, evolving within the heart of Strathcona since 1928.  The partnership of community, sports, and business has worked together for over five generations as part of this dynamic community.  After moving through four locations, two on Whyte Avenue and one on 104th Street, we are now in our second location on Gateway Boulevard, stretching Old Strathcona’s boundaries south to University Avenue.


As a business in the sporting goods industry, United Sport and Cycle is part of a rich commercial heritage.  We have evolved from a simple cash box and hand written records to computerized sales and banking.  Our product lines have changed with the emergence of year round ice and the extensive River Valley trail system.  Skating season is no longer determined by the winter conditions, and bikes are ridden more for leisure than communication and transportation.  We have evolved from a time when goods and services were provided largely by mail order, department stores, and mom and pop stores.  We met our customer’s needs then and are growing to service them now in an era of mega box stores and online sales.  We have endured by specializing in our product selection and working to preserve and maintain a family oriented philosophy within the hectic pace of retail business.


It’s hard to imagine that the narrow 900 square feet that we did business from in the twenties has blossomed to over 100,000 square feet.  We have remained focused on specific sports, and we now have all of our staff and services  under one roof—Better Together—to enhance our customers’ shopping experience. Thank for for supporting us over these last ninety years.