My First Road Bike

I got my first new bike for my Bar Mitzvah in 1966. It was a CCM Mustang. Not sure if it came from United as it was a gift. Highrise handle bars and a banana seat very trendy for those days. In 1969 when I started attending high school I got my first ‘road bike’ a Red CCM 10 speed. Continue Reading →


I wanted a Suzuki but bought a bicycle

I would wander into United Cycle almost weekly to look at Suzuki motorcycles. Especially, the Suzuki RG500 (Gamma 500). I was in love with that motorcycle. I was a university student so I didn’t have the money to buy it but I just loved looking at it. However, I did end up buying a bicycle that summer at United after crashing and wrecking my bike beyond repair.
I love this memory of United Cycle – when they used to sell motorcycles.